All About Online MBA and Online BBA Courses

There are quite a number of globally recognized management institutions in India. They also are providing online MBA courses. Shows some of the leading business schools offer online MBA courses, such as IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Delhi, IIFT, India. Online MBA in India is slightly different from the courses offered in the classroom on a regular basis in a number of ways. Online MBA in India is not only a general study of MBA students of both, and provides more professional MBA program, such as executive MBA program.

MBA courses in distance education has opened a huge opportunity for many students did not want to pursue a course of full-time classroom. Contact time of the class is full and there is a whole lot of distance learning students according to their daily schedule you can choose an online MBA program in various international institutions, have chosen the distance learning MBA course is one of the main differences between the time MBA.There. Provides a distance education program in a variety of undergraduate and graduate level, there are several institutions in India and abroad. Common eligibility requirements is that you must have a graduate degree in all areas of the applicant in good proportion to the distance learning MBA course. BBA students will have the added benefit of always. People also are doing a diploma course in Business Administration, you can apply for admission to MBA course in distance education.

Recent boom of IT and IT related industries, opened a whole lot of employment opportunities for computer professionals. Therefore, the computer application course, these days, it is important immeasurable. People who want to improve their qualification and already working and you can choose the online BBA degree program offered by many institutions. Compared to the regular course, also has a very low fee charged by these institutions for the courses. Detailed knowledge of various aspects of research such as the basis for designing information technology, data structures, optimization techniques, accounting, communications and networking of data, discrete mathematics, analysis and system, you can collect online BBA course You can. In addition, students learn a lot about basic programming and numerical techniques of management, database management systems, numerical techniques, of the system.

10 +2 pass candidates are eligible to apply for online BBA course from any recognized board. University Alagappa, Bangalore University, Annamalai University is part of the institution are well known to provide a BBA degree program online. Higher education in computer applications, is one of the best career choices today. Many of the famous IT and software companies, as well as a variety of senior company, to recruit individuals for entry-level position.

Online MBA University Programs

University online MBA is better, helps you prepare for a career more exciting business. One, you can get a degree in one's own pace and schedule without the ambition of career on hold. Online university is not only to compete in a rapidly changing employment market Today's competitive, and to assist students as a company.

One, but also has a convenience if you decide one to choose the MBA through the University MBA, of working on teaching its simplest, when, where, one of many traditional yet not only be able to pursue many of the online MBA program similar to that of I, as well as class on campus. With the spread of the Internet, the number of online university has increased significantly over the past 10 years. Students, when choosing an MBA program now has a large number of school B that can be selected. They also, you can select the most effective and professional format to personal career goals. We are online each program, but there may be advantages and disadvantages of some, where you can come to the conclusion that to find the MBA program of the same high quality that are available through the university online students.

The majority of MBA universities support, please follow the specific format in online settings. Teaching materials, student assignments so far, even if you do not attend any session of regular classes, get feedback from the professor and online. Regular classes, online classes will be replaced. They are learning, University of online MBA many, gives you the opportunity to interact with each other via online chat rooms, discussion forums and e-mail to the students to network with other people in the MBA program of them. Online program is that when you get the MBA, students will take the balance of the other aspects of their lives easier. They hold the job on a regular basis, and completed at any time when the most useful lesson in it for them, you can still have time for my family.

India is home to a significant number of globally recognized management institutions. Most of these B-schools in India, providing distance MBA courses. In India, some of the leading business school IIM Ahmedabad, such as IIT Delhi and IIFT, is taking the initiative to offer online MBA course in India.

Online MBA in India is, in many cases, slightly different from regular courses offered in the classroom. Distance MBA in India as well as research of both general MBA student, MBA program offers a more specialized. Depending on the business school, an MBA online MBA in India is accelerating, we provide specialized programs such as MBA courses and executive MBA mini courses.

Job Application and MBA

In order to enjoy the benefits of advantageous career, a single instrument to it is the ideal, is the appropriate learning. In the current market scenario, the degree highly preferred is a master's degree in (MBA) Business Administration. We hope it is the role of management, leadership, is the best option for the individual. This time, you can learn about the nuances of all things related to business technology management, leadership skills, and management techniques.

Master of Business Administration degree are included rigorous training all provide the ability to handle the affairs of vital life insurance business of real to you, presentations, reports, challenges. At the moment, you can choose to study MBA or general MBA programs to choose from an array of other areas including finance, accounting, marketing, technology, leadership, professional.

Various classes of MBA is an ideal learning environment, for this purpose, like the famous business school candidates with different cultural backgrounds and individual experts. In addition, the work of the team is required to achieve the success of the MBA program. Most of the MBA program, which includes discussion of the case and seek to work in groups of group assignment. Therefore, you are looking for school students have shown the suitability of B is specified to operate successfully in a group already set up. Typically, experience of work, gives us the opportunity to work within the team to the people, skills and show the people, the most important team work. Nice to have a working knowledge of, offers a cutting edge against your competitors.

Why help the MBA degree

The main reason for getting an MBA is not only the possibility of a salary increase, to take your career to a higher level. You can have a degree in MBA with work experience, that candidate to apply for senior management and direct further management.

Choose the best MBA colleges

When you search for the best laboratory to get the MBA, is quite a challenge. When you select the best institutions, confusion and time-consuming. It is just you, there is no stress for your family. You need to make sure you get enrolled in the university maintains a great reputation, has a higher ranking. To find the best universities anywhere in the world, be better than access to online information can not be anything. On the Internet, you will be able to find each and every detail about a particular university in a very small period. Entrance fee structure, of course, more clearly, so that you can know more about you further steps of the university cost structure, will be listed on the site.

When you select a good university, it is also important, when we are considering such famous courses. Your qualifications and job profile is established in a reputable company with a MBA from the fairly famous institutions, helps to get the post. MBA degree will give a boost to your career as a professional certainly a large amount of experience from one of the B-school or work the best in the world.

Online MBA and work experience

From traditional methods to achieve the MBA degree away, offers the MBA degree programs and specializations too several prominent online organizations. I want to work as well as personal research, you can take this option. As they acquired a lot of work experience at the same time enough to learn business etiquette, are familiar with the management, many companies, to give priority to students with a MBA degree online.

Online MBA Programs For Increased Career Choices

For many MBA applicants, the dream of acquisition, will remain unrealized this prestigious degree. There is a long list of reasons - not be able to balance a full-time job with high responsibility for tuition, schools, MBA programs have almost impossible to participate.

The reason for this is that either of these may be, the solution is 1 - MBA program online. There are many many people, and to get an MBA online, it is desirable to enroll in school than brick and mortar to obtain one. If you are among the people and you question the quality and acceptability of online education, please consider the following facts simply.

• More than 4.6 million students were taking at least one online course during the fall semester of 2008.
• This was an increase of 17% in the number of students were taking online courses during the fall semester of 2007.
• In the online registration, increase the overall number of students compared to this phenomenal growth, to pursue higher education was only 1.2% over the same period.

In a report on online education in the United States Sloan Consortium, 2009, the data to concentrate on high-quality online education, the organization has announced, but it speaks for itself. Online education has pioneered the permanent place for themselves in our education system.

Advances in technology, reliance on it is trying to increase due to the effective delivery of education. Director of academic and corporate authorities of modern times, but not blind to this reality, this means that you are trying to grow the acceptability of online degrees.

Advancement in online MBA

So, your goal is when you are walking down the hallway power of business, to brighten your chance to get there by registering it in the distance learning MBA.

Available so, many online MBA program, no shortage of options for interested individuals do not have. Candidate, you can take the pick of academic goals and career aspirations per - from a general MBA degree of focus on all aspects of the business to something more specialized.

Two of the most popular online MBA program, you get an MBA in general business, has acquired an MBA in healthcare management. The former is broad in scope, not only theoretical knowledge required for its emphasis on student accounting, finance, economics, marketing, etc., and various business functions, also, I grant, to communicate them By training to prepare them for the role of leadership, decision-making skills in critical thinking, and business strategy.

Graduates who are familiar with these businesses, enjoy excellent job prospects in any industry, on the basis of their interest and capabilities, select the functional area. For example, people who have the ability to analyze numerical processing capabilities and excellent, excellent human communication, but may be active in marketing, you may find success in the field of finance and accounting.

Focus of the MBA is to provide business skills can be applied to the medical environment in health care management program. Therefore, such a degree, accounting, management, economics, as well, such as information systems, as well as business courses, is included in the various non-clinical aspects of medical care.

Graduates of this program are sought after by other health care facilities in hospitals, clinics and departments to manage the business in the facilities and the entire facility, to be executed. They are the ones it was confirmed that the primary care providers can concentrate on their work and take care of business and administrative side of health care.

Finally, the online MBA program of any that you have selected has the potential to be provided in order to stay committed and diligent, to complete the degree of your effort and motivation, to send your career to rise .

What Kind of Jobs Can People Get With an MBA?

MBA wonder whether or not to advance your career in the business really? Can you please read this article in order to discover the types of jobs that can expect to get a degree in MBA.

And What is MBA?

Master's degree (MBA) is granted after one or two years of graduate-level studies in business management educational institutions. Students who have enrolled in the MBA program, receive training in business management theory and practice. This time, not just the number of jobs that are qualified for you, you can increase your revenue potential.

Exhibition of work for graduation with a degree in MBA

You can obtain the MBA degree that is far more valuable to employers. This time, allowing you to prove you are prepared to handle your company or organization is found in a modern, almost all of the administrative roles. Depends on the type of MBA degree of the type of work best suited to MBA graduates has been achieved.

MBA graduates, the financial professional, while being suitable for the highest position in the financial industry, will be able to, for example, focused on marketing graduate MBA, easy to gain employment in the field of marketing. An MBA in general, on the other hand, you can secure employment in almost all business sectors.

MBA graduates will work in the following fields: the most common.




Management and general




The possibility of salary for MBA graduates exhibition

MBA graduates are able to command a salary higher than those who do not have a master's degree. Basic salary for MBA graduates, the figures are usually profits, bonuses, profit sharing is the total compensation, more than $ 80,000 in start its total of $ 100,000, depending on when they are taken into account.

MBA Concentration - Tips for Selecting

When you start to study your MBA, you have the option to select the concentration is given. This is similar to selecting a minor when the university for bachelor's degree. MBA is the main course of study, course of your career to one industry or field, is given in order to meet the requirements of a particular concentration.

Because it can be applied to all the jobs they come their way, most people without any concentration of beneficial it is to find in order to obtain a general MBA. Think that this is a good thing, and you want to ensure the job that you want to start only begun to experience in your own career in the world.

They know others that want to work in a particular career field or industry immediately. The location can be a good idea when you select a concentration. It has shown an interest in a particular industry or field of business very definitely one. Although it may restrict the type and number of jobs that can be applied to some, but it also, they are in the field of concentration that have industry-specific knowledge of more than job seekers other shows that the hiring manager.

When you select your concentration, if you think a good idea, please consider a few simple tips will help you decide the concentration is right for you for your career. Because it might affect the future of your career, make this decision seriously.

# 1: know all your options.

If you do not know what all the options are, make decisions about the concentration of educated you are not allowed. Because there is a different concentration of many to choose from, does not assume that you already know all of them just.

Concentration is provided, so may be different for each school of one, if you will be attending school is not already determined, this will continue may be the determining factor.

# 2: What is your career ambition of what?

You can place a limit on the concentration is considered to be in your job, or you can open the door for your future, and what you are. Rather than open the door, you, the only way to make sure that it is shut them down is to give some serious thought to your career aspirations. If you know the place where you are headed, you can select a concentration makes it easier to travel.

If you have not been specialized you want to succeed just for you, or you do not check the direction of exactly what you want to go to your career, in specific areas, it is not any concentration, to obtain the MBA general for is probably the best way.

# 3: What is the job available related to the concentration was elected directly to it?

Once, when applying to a job outside of their concentration, you get an MBA at a concentration that can raise eyebrows. If you are having a hard time after securing the MBA, to find the type of employment required, by your own to apply to another field, you might expand your options. These jobs, if it is outside of the selected concentration, you will need to explain why a job interview has received in various fields.

Please confirm that there is a readily available job will be within your chosen concentration range. If you think that it is to find a job in a concentration that is going to be difficult, MBA in general, can be left open the option for the other fields as well, to apply in the field .

Best Online MBA Programs

In addition, the online program for MBA distance education program known as, are becoming increasingly popular. This virtual classroom is the result of advances in technology that can be carried out at the level of reality closer to the classroom of primarily brick and mortar. In addition, the university as an online MBA program offers a good reputation Babson Carnegie Mellon University, Duke and such need to worry about your reputation online degree is not available. As long as you choose a program with the University for its validity and reputation carefully, your online MBA, MBA of any full-time, sometimes as many as possible will have a further influence.

The following is a list of seven best online MBA programs offered by universities around the world. List has been done by examining the ranking from Business Week publications, such as economists such

    General management program of the Curtin Business School, in the ranking of distance MBA program has been ranked in the top-level program in the Financial Times. It is not a fully online course - you need to get 70% of the test to your location. This requirement is made to ensure that it is not uncommon, students are quite seriously take the exam. One is the best course of professional courses and management of oil and gas from another university.

    Babson Fast Track MBA program at the University of general management is one of the most popular programs online. This program, in addition to (AACSB), has been certified to the association to advance Collegiate School of Business and EQUIS. Test all of course because this is done online, this can be called 100% online courses.

    ISEAD, you can take the MBA program of its three year long distance, but from anywhere ISEAD are located in Spain. If Spanish is your native language, this school is specially suited. Cost of the program for non-resident students is $ 12,000 USD.

    RMIT online Executive MBA program of general management program is one of the top five in the list of Financial Times. The average time taken to complete this program is three years.

    Many of the full-time program from a school in this Spanish IE Business School, you will find a mention in the world rankings. This school provides an online program called English class and having an intensity of 65 global MBA class, students are also, it is recommended that you participate in the event of social integration Shanghai, London, Madrid, New York .

    Online MBA program at the University of Walden, in 2255 students enrolled in the year 2011 from fiscal year 2010, is one of the largest online program. Walden University is itself part of a network of online university, has a very good reputation.

    Warwick Business School from the UK, has an online MBA program of the two. Warwick MBA is, if you want to get the MBA in general, you should have by looking for distance education programs. This program has become one of the most popular programs in the world, has been certified to AACSB EQUIS, and AMBA.

Double MBA Degrees

Proponents of such programs, and one, common management information provided by the MBA program, such as general, consider to adapt to global changes in our lives they are more tend to combine the information specified one or details about other professional.

Specific knowledge so you can opponents of this approach is not present, replace the experience of success, need to waste time and money to obtain a double degree does not believe that you are. However, the number of dual degree programs offered by the university rather than shrinking, judging by the fact that it does not increase constantly, do not believe the opponent of dual degree for everyone.

MBA of Medicine

For example, Harvard University, we added the MD / MBA dual degree program to the MBA recently. A master's degree in management master's (MSN / MBA) MBA or nursing (DMD / MBA) MBA medical institution (MHA / MBA), Master of Dental MBA include: degree of such species. Of course, the brand of Harvard University deserves to be respected again referred to by the agency. However, the link / business medicine has been used in other business school and this program already, is not new.

For example, Temple University Fox School of the University of Chicago Graduate School of University of Virginia Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton, of Washington Business School, business, and business management. American Business School forty-one, you are presented with the degree of / MBA Medicine.

The contents of education, which includes both general and specific knowledge in the medical field. In the first year, students study microeconomics accounting, financial management, international business, international law, and macro management, information technology, marketing, general management theory. Between the second and third and fourth years, will take place training, medical care, at school. The fifth course includes the study of complementary management skills and education of health care facilities specializing in medical school.

Washington Business School graduate of Chicago Business, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton, University: We are, if to analyze the direction of the double MBA program, we are in the degree JD / MBA offered by the business school of many U.S. leaders you know that there is.

The abbreviation refers to JD Juris Doctor degree, equivalent to a master's degree in law. JD is a degree obtained by American students and the use and training of legal experts, including the general division of labor without having to learn the depth of the U.S. attorney in the JD program professional. American law schools believe that you are. Many different courses in training students to pass, he will be good provided for resolution of legal delay of the state in the future. After obtaining the degree of JD, a lawyer in the future, you will need to pass the (exam) professional exam. Therefore, the students lived in the United States, do not plan to work, you should not select the JD / MBA option of narrow focus on the U.S. market.

MBA in Canada

The modern realm of business requires a proper administrative mind and an aptitude for taking up challenges for its expansion and growth.  A MBA degree enables a candidate to develop such skills and contribute towards effective management of a firm.
Statistical analysis showed that the UN has consistently ranked Canada as one of the best countries to live in owing to its high quality of life.  Canada offers a diverse multicultural environment and a low cost of living, providing the perfect platform for students aspiring to study MBA in Canada.
An on-campus MBA program is offered in the many streams, some of them are; General, Finance, International Business and Marketing. The entire course is spread over 12 months, and comprises of 2 semesters. Irrespective of the stream, each MBA program comprises of modules which are: Orientation Module, Foundation Module, Specialization Module and finally, Completion Module. The Orientation Module throws light on the interaction between the faculty and the students by addressing topics such as accounting, finance, information technology, strategy, statistics, economics, marketing, and PR. The Foundation Module provides a generalized knowledge of business functions. The Specialization Module emphasizes on the selection of an area of interest and its extensive study. Few of the multitudes of areas where specialization modules can be implemented are:
  • Accounts and tax
  • Business administration and general management
  • Finance
  • Market research and marketing management
  • Sales management, to name a few.
  • Human resources management
Finally, the Completion Module, which comprises of project work and research paper publications. A thesis may or may not be mandatory in addition to a project report or a detailed internship report which is submitted at the end of the completion module.
To pursue a MBA degree in Canada, the minimum eligibility requirement is a 4 year graduate degree with a 70% aggregate score. A student with a 3 year graduation degree has to have a compulsory masters degree before applying to the MBA program.  Most of the universities in Canada offering a MBA program may or may not include a work experience compulsion clause. Admission to the MBA course in Canada requires a valid GMAT score and an additional requirement of a TOEFL score for international students from non English speaking nations.
The cost of living being very reasonable in Canada makes it very easy for a student to afford the tuition fees of the MBA program. Many foundations and benefactors provide scholarships to students who are interested in pursuing MBA in a particular university. These scholarships are generally based on merit and could either be full fee waivers or partial scholarships.  Apart from the internal funding sources, there are many external sources, such as banks and professional organizations, which provide financial aid to a student.
MBA programs in Canada equip the student with the necessary skills such as logical reasoning, communicative skills. A multi cultural environment provides them to learn the essentialities of teamwork, utilization of theoretical knowledge and development of newer methods to tackle real life situations, and for effective planning for the growth of the organization and their own careers.

MBA and Entrepreneurship

Whether you start your own company or choose to ascend the corporate ladder, maintaining the spirit of entrepreneurship all along the way is essential. This goes far beyond just making money. It is about creating value and ideas, about possessing internationally convertible leadership skills and about cultural diversity.

How will an MBA help you to be a successful entrepreneur?

People who want to become entrepreneurs often choose to study for an MBA degree. The wide range of courses in business schools is designed to make the MBA graduate competent in micro and macroeconomics, finance, accounting, marketing, human resources, etc. These subjects are aimed at acquiring the general skills needed in business. Having an understanding of the overall economic picture and the ability to decipher important statistical data and the behaviour of other players in the economy makes all the difference in today’s world. Judging the correct timing for expanding or consolidating and knowing how to change your actions is an art that usually comes with experience, but its foundations can be laid in education.
Many business schools focus on entrepreneurship, both in the traditional business sense and in the meaning of social entrepreneurship. Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is amongst the top places that concentrate on the former. Its Sol C. Snider Entrepreneurial Research Centre studies the various aspects and the latest trends in entrepreneurship. MBA courses with this focus emphasise the launch and development of start-ups and the many elements and dimensions of new ventures.
A powerful trend currently gaining momentum in MBA courses is the increasing significance of social entrepreneurship and social enterprise. US names in this area include Duke and Stanford GSB. Following reconsideration of the ethical relevance of the MBA degree, courses linked to issues such as the role of business in society, corporate social responsibility and climate change are becoming more popular. In 2011 the University of Exeter Business School will launch its One Planet MBA in collaboration with WWF: a course dedicated to combining the concepts of business growth and environmental sustainable development. Taking the time to refine yourself as a leader, gather knowledge and reflect on the various concepts of leadership is important for the subsequent application of your managerial skills. A quality MBA degree will acquaint you with basic business principles and strategies, the way organizations operate, the main functions in a company and the latest academic trends in the management discipline.
The connections which MBA students make at university are among the major benefits with regard to their future business. This network of contacts could turn out to be one of the significant and decisive factors for the success of your business plans. Some of your classmates are your future partners, co-shareholders and customers. In any case, you should not underestimate the importance of the contacts made during your period of study. Recognizing a face you know from your years of study melts the ice faster than any of the formal business lunches you will have to attend.

Success takes time

The benefits of an MBA are a rather overexploited topic. To ensure a balanced picture, we will also review where possessing an MBA is not a sufficient condition for success. Here are, in short, some myths about the MBA: As an MBA course is a school for leaders, it will take me straight to the top immediately after graduation. After finishing an MBA course, you may feel that you already have the assets and entrepreneurial qualities needed to start a company. But business people have to be ready to make the sacrifices that their work will require of them. While you realise your potential and get involved in day-to-day activities, you could find yourself in a paradoxical situation: success is not as glamorous as it looked. It is indeed very demanding and difficult; it takes time, dedication and perseverance. Achieving sustainable results is hard and in some cases maintaining them may prove to be even harder. Being successful is not about reaping instant rewards but rather a prolonged period of setting goals and attaining them. Satisfaction comes as a result of hard work and is sometimes accompanied by sleepless nights and good ideas going to waste.

Thinking patterns: All business is good business

Avoid believing in clich├ęs about business and society or at least be critical towards them. Making money is not everything in the world. Keep in mind that the overall well-being of society, the health of our environment and solidarity among people are higher priorities than the balance sheet of your firm, regardless of how important it is and how many people it feeds. Be socially responsible.
Marcelo Paladino, Dean of the IAE Business School, writes in his article “Society, Business & Crisis” in Global Focus: “In a world besieged by poverty, inequity, social tension, educational deficits and corruption, business endeavours need to include solutions to these problems, since these problems are both caused by and affect companies operating in specific settings.”
Being obsessed with your idea is acceptable as long as success does not come at the expense of the world around you. Realizing this will make you a better leader. Managers who are socially sensitive (and not just as a PR pose) enjoy better acceptance. Being accountable to stakeholders as well as just shareholders makes a difference in the long term for you and for your company.

Some statistics

Despite the lack of representative global data on the percentage of MBA graduates who become entrepreneurs, some surveys appear to confirm the view that many business school alumni launch their own projects. The Association of MBAs 2010 Career Survey shows that 26% of British MBA graduates have started their own company. The average salary of MBA graduates in the UK is £64 000 (median) and £73 000 (mean) and MBA entrepreneurs who still own their company report a median average salary of £92 500 and a mean average of £89 505. Those who have sold their business also receive a higher income than business graduates who have not started their own organization.
Lucile Lafaurie of INSEAD also reports that about 45% of the alumni from this prestigious business school become entrepreneurs at a certain point in their lives after graduating. The last GMAC Alumni Perspectives Survey outlines a group of self-employed business graduates that make up 7% of the 6877 respondents of the survey. According to this survey, the main motivating factor for starting a company is the passion of the founder to do what he or she enjoys. This is followed by a desire for autonomy and a need for flexibility. The next biggest incentive for being an entrepreneur is to have control in your own hands. 27% of the self-employed graduates mentioned above own more than one business and 69% report that they launched their firms quite recently, in the period between 2009 and 2010.
Another study, the EFMD Research Report MBA & Master's Programmes, outlines four main fields of interest for prospective MBA students from 91 countries. The first is strategic management (40%); the second is managing people and organizations (35%), followed by leadership (33%) and international business (31%).

World Class MBA Program in Singapore

Singapore is really emerging as a destination for pursuing higher education. Singapore has some brilliant institutions and colleges that offer MBA programs to prepare excellent market leaders. MBA institutes and colleges of Singapore are known for adopting best educational practices. The MBA programs offered in some renowned institutes of Singapore are placed in a highly internationalized management environment. MBA program includes a broad spectrum of managing courses right from finance to marketing.
As the world has been compressed into a small community the geographical boundaries hardly matter. Students are benefiting immensely form this trend. They are able to select the best courses which will lead to their overall development. They are not confined by the national boundaries anymore.  MBA has emerged as one of the best study courses to end up with a lucrative and the students are taking up this course in a large population. Flying off to an overseas location to study MBA is not a dream, it is a trend now. There are many countries that are offering huge scopes for the students to study MBA abroad. Countries like US; UK, Canada, Australia, Finland, Canada, Japan, Nigeria, etc. are attracting students with their affordable MBA courses. But none of these countries have achieved the fame of the MBA Singapore universities as far as Asian students are concerned.
In the past decade having an MBA degree from a reputed university in UK, US or Australia meant you could get a lucrative job with ease in these countries. But after the recent economic recession the scenario has changed a lot. Most of these countries are still reeling and the unemployment rate in these countries is rising. But the economy of Singapore has only gone upwards even after the recession. There are new companies starting business in Singapore every day.  So you are sure to get a good job after completing a course from MBA Singapore universities. The students of MBA Singapore Management University also have the scope to know the business world better with their internship programs.
So if you want to go for MBA courses abroad then a degree from MBA Singapore universities is the best choice!
  • SMU (Singapore Management University): The SMU is built with the motive of producing world class leaders and entrepreneurs. The MBA courses make tremendous effort and blends innovative ideas with proven research methods. Its courses comprise of global management programmes. The faculty includes industry experts and senior academics.
  • NUS Business School: This elite business school is accredited by the AACSB because of its achievement in providing high standard education and quality research. Established in the year 2002, today it has become one of the extremely popular international schools.
  • Nan yang Business School: It has been ranked as one of the top business schools in Asia. It is the first business school in Singapore that has earned the accreditations of AACSB International and EQUIS. This business school is famous for its innovative course curriculum, excellent faculty, diverse industry connections and finest quality resources.
  • Aventis School of Management: This premier business institute gives more emphasis on management and leadership training. It offers both professional and vocational programs as well as Doctoral degrees in collaboration with top US universities
  • INSEAD Business School: This business school offers management programmes that give the students a lot of scope for thinking and nurture their innovative ideas. It assures the students exposure to different work cultures. It emphasises more on research based study.
  • SP Jain Centre of Management (SPJCM): It is global business school. The Singapore campus of the management school offers MBA programmes like Executive Masters in Business Administration, Finance, Information Technology, Marketing operations, Global Masters in Business Administration, Human Resources etc.
  • City University of New York (CUNY): America’s largest AACSB Accredited Business Schools now offers a suite of MBA and MSc program in Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship , IO Psychology in Singapore in partnership with Aventis Graduate School
  • Arcadia University, Pennsylvania: Arcadia University, founded in 1853, is a comprehensive University committed to providing an education that integrates liberal learning with career preparation. It offers both full time and part time management courses. It is known for its unique educational techniques. It trains the students for a bright future in today’s competitive market with its 1 year accelerated MBA
  • The University of Chicago: Chicago Booth Asian campus in Singapore offers one of the best regarded EMBA program in Asia.

Community and Diversity

Many students choose the Tepper School of Business for its close-knit student community. We draw our strength from differences and work to build common ground. People come from every imaginable background, blending cultures, ambitions and life experience, all while working toward a common goal.
Enhancing diversity at the Tepper School is a top priority. We take our cue from the advances that have been at Carnegie Mellon University, where President Jared L. Cohon is personally spearheading implementation. He issued his first diversity statement in 2001 to explain why diversity is important to the institution and its continued vitality and growth, and has continued to emphasize the importance of this issue.
The University also maintains a Diversity Advisory Council (DAC), a multi-constituent body whose aim is to heighten awareness and encourage debate on the issues that surround diversity. Likewise, this ombudsman group also implements activities that support mutual respect and community success.
Your desire to reinvent yourself and accelerate your life will not happen in isolation. It requires the daily give and take of ideas and learning to see a business problem from a completely different point of view. It takes trust and share investment. It takes a place like the Tepper School, where your unique set of experiences and talent will be a valued contributor to a transformational experience.