MBA Rankings

MBA rankings, has been referred to as subjective evaluation of the quality of business school MBA programs and MBA programs to provide normal. As an effective system, examination of the traditional, MBA rankings, has contributed to the business school and business-related programs nearly all of the major.

In this ranking system, several criteria are used to find the location of the existing business school and its programs of these. This is based on survey responses by, to compare these different aspects of the MBA program. Ranking list has been put up every year. FT, the acquisition of Computerworld Top 25 Techno-MBA it reports, and news of the United States and the world, by evaluating the full-time graduate business programs and part-time, to rank this - the U.S. government, including the MBA rankings There are a number of institutions.

Scholars; some of the basic criteria of quality assessment score of the MBA program GMAT (graduate management admission test), by graduates, the employment rate, salary, bonus ranking, of full-time, the judgment of MBA graduates and recruiters is based on the opinion and reputation. Evaluation of the research, and academic reputation. Part-time programs are ranked based on the nomination of the MBA program director, dean of business school. The minimum number required to nominate ranking is 7. Does not agree to these criteria ranking of many of the school is used, the number of schools between them, can be found at the top of the rankings.

Ranking of MBA programs and business schools, which acts as the MBA program review, pass rates, tuition fees, placement assistance, to assist students to examine the reputation of the employment rate. In the case of business schools, MBA rankings survey is a useful tool to determine their strengths and weaknesses. MBA rankings are calculated in the form of a list of numbers always. Best school and program is designated as # 1, and so on, is the second-best solution, is shown in # 2.

Most MBA rankings, and the standard measure for evaluating the MBA program and business schools are not considered. Another source, because it has a variety of methodologies, a wide variation, you can see in these results. However, these reviews, the people are to provide insight into the quality of programs and schools, trying to get the MBA degree is valuable


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