Joint Degree, Double Degree and Dual Degree

A double degree is an agreement between two universities or schools which grants two degrees to a student admitted to the program. Usually the double degree programs are at the graduate level, of Master of Science, or at the MBA level in international management courses.
When a student is enrolled to the program, the student is expected to have lessons from both faculties of the two institutions. This can be done either in breaking down the study plan of the students into two phases: one phases attended at the home school and one at the host school (home school is called the institution where the student initiates his studies, but in perfect joint degree environment we cannot talk about home and host schools). This way the student will obtain credits at both institutions. Alternatively, the student can be present only at one institute, and the other school will send its professors to his partner school for teaching. This way the instruction will be technically from the second school.
Joint Degrees are sort of double degrees (or dual degrees, which is absolutely the same). The difference is that instead of combining two study plan and have them the credits obtained outside the school recognized, the school work our a new study plan which on their own could be a new study plan at each of the schools. The framework is designed jointly, and the administration efforts are shared, on the actual degree certificate both institutions name will be present.
Why these degrees becoming extremely important is because the student can obtain an advanced knowledge, meanwhile receiving a degree (or more) from more institutions. The employers appreciate them quite nice, if you know how to apply it on your resume.

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