Opportunities For Students to Study in Top Universities in Germany

Germany is a country that has a great deal of reasons to offer as the ideal platform for the pupils to study. There are over 12000 courses that are offered by the top universities in Germany for an aspiring student to select. Students have shown insatiable curiosities to seek a Bachelors Degree or a Masters Degree programs from these reputed institutes. Even there is an added advantage to undertake a course in German language as well as English for international students. The eligibility criteria vary accordingly for pursuing a graduate program and a post graduate degree. Before the assessment test that is conducted for getting admission into a graduate degree program, a student has to complete a bridge-program of 1 year duration. A four year Bachelors degree or a three year Bachelors degree is a must for students who are interested to take admission in post graduate programs.
Established in 1969, Universität Bielefeld (Bielefeld University) is located in Bielefeld, Germany. The teaching strategy of this reputed university follows a new trend of innovation and also offers high quality study materials for its students. The university also lays down importance on interdisciplinary research supported by the architecture that surrounds all faculties into one great structure. This university offers Masters Degree in (Arts, Education and Science).
University of Hagen (The FernUniversität in Hagen) is the only state-maintained distance teaching university in the German-speaking regions and countries. Established in the year 1974, the institute provides high quality flexibility for developing the concepts of the subjects for its students. This is because, in this university, the learning process is not imparted in an overcrowded classroom rather it is presided in the form of well organized and prepared study materials, including teaching units, interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs, exercises notes. These teaching materials are mailed the existing valid address of the students or can also be supplied through the Internet. Students can easily listen and watch the online lectures and can also download extra course material for completion of their assignments. Even submission of these study materials including project work and assignment can be done online. University of Hagen offers Bachelors Degree in (Computer Science, Law, Business informatics, Educational Science, Business Administration and Economics). Apart from these courses, interested students can pursue a Masters Degree in (Economics, Mathematics, Law, Education, Computer Science, Electrical and Information Engineering).
Jacobs University was established in the year 1999 in the Bremen region in Germany. It is a highly selective, independent, international and residential university. Excellence in diversity and community, values and leadership are the educational pillars of this reputed institution. All the dedicated members of this university are committed towards creation of knowledge through academic excellence, encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit, establishing a worldwide society of enduring learners. A student interested to take a Bachelors Degree from this recognized university can select the related courses like Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Neuroscience, Biochemical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Applied and Computational Mathematics, International Logistics Management, Global Economics, Biochemistry and Cell Biology. An individual can also prefer for pursuing a Masters Degree in (Electrical Engineering, Intercultural Humanities, Global Visual Communication, Management and Marine Microbiology) from this institution. Dedicated individuals can also go for a pursuing a PhD in (Integrated Social Sciences, Marine Microbiology and Productive Adult Development) from this university.

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