Classification of MBA Degree Programs

Speaking of business education generally, the classical sense (speaking, day, full-time) MBA program. At the same time, most of the time limit and schedule training, disorderly range of programs provided by the company and very broad.

Therefore, the allocation by the program.

* Has an MBA in general. The classic MBA is based on the principles of general management and have a technical focus.

* This is an MBA professional. Marketing, production management, financial management, human resources management: MBA professional program, which includes training modules for specific functional areas. Also special programs, you can, such as tourism and information technology, MBA, can be oriented industry.

Discipline of profiling (for example, MBI - master of business information), and, of course, as shown in the degree (major) can be the name of.

Can be found under the form of training program of MBA.

* (MBA full-time program) full-time Sun. Are considered full-time traditional MBA, the program, the most prestigious guarantee a high level of knowledge. Top business schools, in many cases, you can avoid the introduction of other programs that support the mark of high school.
Vocational training and in full, as fund training courses, MBA courses in the daytime is not compatible and need to apply to the selected schools and cost.

* (MBA program part-time) full-time night. Possible combinations are popular in their work because there is a night MBA program. And, the class will be held on the weekend - often (21 or 22 from 18 Russian), usually, the class of the MBA program, starting the evening after working hours.

There are evening programs as well as foreign, must be a permanent stay of the country of the study.

* Eye distance of directors applications (e-MBA - Executive MBA). Executive MBA, alternating with the first independent study if it is based on modular training session. Typically, the Executive MBA program is designed for administrators, it is assumed that some level of training.

* (The distance MBA) Distance Learning program. MBA-program has been deleted is made possible by the development of the Internet. Training, through a video e-mail and writing assignments and work with the auxiliary independent multimedia training, is done in the online form in the form of communication with the teacher.

The remote program is not simple: minimum intensity of the courses - 15 hours per week. Most successful program in distance learning courses, the London Business School is (LBS). Absolute lack of distance program is that you can not live team a building or exchange.


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