MBA Program in the Form of Full-And Part-Time or Distance Learning Can Be Traced

Accounting and Finance as a strategic information technology and such, quality analysis, economics, marketing, organization, human resource management Education: MBA, as the first step provides the basic training, each stage of the business organization can understand.

In the second stage of your career plan, you can set their own electives you will receive.

In addition, next to the theoretical lessons, there are many things to learn from the experience of trainers and your friends.

You can get all the core and electives, and share your experience as an expert in the field of business, will be graduating from the program.

Basic Course: MBA program full-time, the "direction" will be started. Orientation when students will be notified about the contents of the MBA program. Direction continues one to two weeks. During this time, the students of the school is part of the environment, can be a professor and friend.

MBA of post-basic course participants will begin receiving the orientation. One-year MBA program, MBA course three months, two-year preparatory program is in effect for six months. The basic course is required. However, in some cases, it may be applied exemption. In general, you can finance preparation courses MBA, and accounting, quality analysis, economics, marketing, organization, human resource management, information technology and strategies.

Basic post-MBA students in a course, you can start tracking the lessons of some specific. The main purpose of the MBA program of leadership, in the practical course, begin to have vision teamwork, and motivation, such as their themes. To start for these professional courses to students now to deal with MBA.

Not only basic courses, students who are interested in some subjects in order to monitor the field: elective.

Internship: MBA students, the basic class will start or end of a long-term internship will be for 2-3 months.

Paper: MBA program of the paper, after the end of the thesis of 15,000 words from 10 writers 3-5 months, the students of the program.

Test of core courses, the success of internship and papers will take place according to the result from the performance evaluation of the MBA, reports, and in group work: evaluation. Students who successfully complete the general MBA program was successful. MBA courses in the classroom is usually not that a very regular pattern of recurrence is rare.


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