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Since 2006, important, growing interest in education and MBA, Is it possible to sketch the profile of these new candidates is important. It is these candidates is, what they are looking for, has proven to help you understand what you can expect when they graduate.

Who is today's MBA candidates?
Despite the significant increase of MBA applicants over the past few years, with the quality of candidates, there was an inverse relationship. "Their candidate. Quality is better than (1) those seen last year" by the report of the GMAC study reported that almost 60 percent of the MBA program

The average age of the candidates shows some differences on the basis of the area of ​​the world consistently. Asia, Central Asia, the Pacific Ocean Islands, 53 percent of applicants is 24 years old. In Europe, the largest group is in the range of from 25 to 30 years in 44%. If you are under the age of 30 accounted for, in this age group, which represents 71% of the students of MBA in the future. Age of Eastern Europe is a little young at the age of 28, average age of participants in Western Europe, is 29. In addition, the interest in profiling is that the respondents in Eastern Europe has been divided evenly men and women to participate in GMAC to a survey of candidates MBA. Canada is the United States and also to display a high level of participation of both men and women MBA applicants. To pursue the MBA of men and women, women at least 85% balance, 15% of men candidates and (2) India.

MBA candidate, in many cases, particularly important in emerging markets, high-speed, has a work experience. When grouping the candidates work experience has at least one year, four regions with the maximum amount of wealth of personal experience is as follows. Central and South America 82%, 87% and 84% of both African India and Eastern Europe. In the United States, has 81% (3) one or more years work experience.

Looking for education, today's MBA candidates What is?
Internationally, sharing major motivation factor for the pursuit of the MBA, the applicant, their knowledge, skills, and is intended to improve the (KSA) capability. Women as the primary driver of the pursuit of MBA, to maintain the development of human capital. More interesting to pursue the opportunity for challenging work assignments, to develop their KSAs, to increase the learning opportunities that includes: human capital. Showing the dispersion consistent trend of women from men is the acquisition of KSA, and as the highest priority of the second, place the career development of individuals in the ranking of (4) general motivational factor . In Russia, the main purpose of the candidate is consistent with the pursuit of global KSAs this thing has been improved is 82 percent of the state who answered ". To obtain (5)" new knowledge.

Many MBA candidates are trying to develop the ability to understand the overall fit to the global business environment and how local business context. This is important because of the lack of expected future knowledge workers rich experience of 20 years from the next 10. This position is a recent development view is becoming more common in the Russian market. "Local knowledge (6) Global Scope" will be to hire a candidate who has employment. Some, to be able to deal with the complexity and reality they exist in Russian business, it would be the case that better for the student to study in the country. The study in the country, when it is integrated into the way a particular culture and practices conform to the international context, this is normal.

There is an important focus of business and society about the importance of entrepreneurships in some developing regions. This category includes Africa, India, Central Asia was ranked very high. In the Canadian economy, Western Europe, was highly developed in the United States, this aspect, we have ranked lower than (7) the other categories. Although these are generalizations, there are a number of candidates in all regions are trying to make a difference. An MBA student, Alessandro Lala are hoping to influence business practices in the country in his hometown of Italy actively. In Parmalat he is trying to, of Lara in 2003 to corporate scandals to support good governance influence employer in (8) of the reference to "[his] future [his] MBA You are using. "

Limiting factor and the biggest concern of potential candidates is to consider the financial aspects of the MBA. To do this, there might be cost of the program, it is necessary, the expected debt, financial problems are outlined, the delay of other important personal events such as marriage, birth of children, etc. applicants from (9) in all regions of the world has proven to be a problem that is shared by 85%. Some examples of the applicant's percentage is 8% 29% (10), with 35% in Turkey, in Russia is France in the hope to secure financing for their MBA education.

MBA students or can be expected to do after graduation?
MBA graduates do well, it is possible to predict the chance. These opportunities are usually contains a job offer and progress and / or. In turn, this will lead to increased compensation. According to a 2007 survey of 500 multinational employers and about the United States and Asia, such as the MBA graduate degree, it is possible to enable a significant increase in salary. In some cases, people who have a bachelor's degree only (11) can be as much as 71 percent salary premium.

For graduates of the Executive MBA program, are also common to raise. According to a survey of the Council 2007 Executive MBA, a graduate of 2007, 41 percent of those receiving the (12) Promotion, we saw the average salary increase of 21 percent.

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