Types of MBA

Master of Business Administration is one of the highest degree offered by many schools around the world. There are many schools deal with the MBA as a main course. In addition, students have a strong interest in participating to get the MBA.

As with some of the bachelor's degree, there are many types of MBA programs. There are six types of MBA programs. They are

A. Two-year MBA (full time)

Two. Part-time MBA

Three. Accelerated MBA

Four. Distance Learning MBA

Five. Executive MBA

6. Dual MBA

Two-year MBA: MBA two-year program is done in full-time. The course lasts 18 months. The course will start in either August / September, you may follow three to four months. They will break after several days of each semester. Students can take classes on weekdays.

Part-time MBA: MBA is part-time is for people who wish to pursue a high level of office mainly. Part-time MBA class of the weekend will be held in either or night, sometimes in the weekdays. They are common in the last three years.

Accelerated MBA: This is a course has been high, but consists of multiple classes and deep knowledge. They do not have a vacation in the same way as full-time MBA courses. They have some few days off for vacation. They do not have a summer vacation in general.

The distance learning MBA: These are courses that are offered in off-campus. There are a variety of formats, such as off-line courses, online courses, communications, postal and e-mail and these video is for those who do not have time to attend classes primarily.

Executive MBA: This course has been developed for top management want to meet the educational needs mainly executives and. Students can take this course while working full-time will be allowed. They can be from such a background of government non-profit organizations, and non-profit organization.

Dual MBA: This course offers a dual degree. They can have two degrees with the MBA degree, such as MS. This has been initiated to reduce the cost of student, and also save time. There are many schools provide an opportunity for a variety of students. At present, the system has been changed as the course is flexible so that you can easily adapt the student.


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