CAT - MBA Admission Test - Overview

CAT is the gateway to the cream of management institutes in India, the IIMs. Common entrance examination is a aptitude test or CAT,. Since it has been accepted by the institution of the highest, it is a test of the most popular among students of management in the future. CAT is one of the OST of the world which requires a graduate school entrance exam.

CAT MBA entrance exam is used as the criteria to shortlist applicants for admission to the 6 IIMs-IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore and,. Common entrance examination is one of the largest MBA entrance exams were conducted anually, in India. Also scores of CAT, some of them proven as IIMs are accepted by more than 75 non-IIM institutions throughout India.

Management and graduate programs, to appear at IIM-CAT qualification is recognized in 50% of the graduation marks in all the IIMs, is at least three years bachelor's degree from the University in all areas. (Counted as one of the best in the world) the best business schools (IIMs), of the country, this in order to select potential students for the next round of admission process of configuration of the personal interview (Indian Institute of Management testing, and an MBA from their group discussion), a program of fellow ship.

Are eligible to appear in the common entrance examination also those which appear in the final year of the graduation examination. Some people, (CAT) is, and there in many of the removal procedure more process.It choose to reject the non-stop and a half hours and the people who can not move the hearts of them at the rate of neck break of two entrance exam common I think.

CAT test, the reasoning and language skills like this, reading, covering the five questions in a broad range of fields as logical reasoning and quantitative interpretation skills, and data.

The number of questions asked in the common entrance examination will change every year, a typical CAT question paper can be anywhere from 75 to 150 questions. Common entrance examination will evaluate the ability of him to run under the pressure of the heart and the presence of the candidate. Announcement of the steps that appear on the common entrance examination has been made in major newspapers of August every year for admission to the beginning of the program of the second half of June the following year. The tests are carried out in November. CAT 2007 notification of admission to the 2008 session has been announced.

Typically, three of CAT test your ability - problem solving - data interpretation and logical reasoning, reading comprehension and language skills. The entire capacity of all sections of the CAT exam paper is called for. So, the number of sections of the test is not really important. The important ones, whether you are competitive, we answer the questions of all sections.

Is in nature in multiple-choice candidates and choices and another answer 4/5 you will need for each of the questions all of the questions, choose the best answer, mark the answer sheet reader special light . Differential marks have been assigned to the question. In the test, including the question of the desired type from 150 to 200, usually is divided into four sections from three. The number of test questions in 2005, from about 200 in the 1990s, and coming down steadily, and is only 75 in 2006.

Most of the strategy can be applied when selecting a simple question. Do not waste your time in question it is a long cut down. No - One misconception is that you have to question the entire paper efficiently. If you can not resolve that through from 38 to 40 percent of the question, and, correctly.

Engineers do not - you do not need an engineer to get into IIM do not have no problem. Infact is a non-engineer may help in part of the interview. IIMs are to encourage diversity. You, as the engineers and non-, can be compared with other non-engineers. Compared with the engineer can be compared to the rather IITians.

This is useful for the preparation of an individual or postal Coachings CAT. Coaching Institute, will teach you a shortcut for you, you will get the opportunity to be displayed in the mock exam conducted CAT. There are many excellent coaching Institute - bullseye career launcher, ascent, TIME, IMS, education and roots. It is tough to say one agency, it is the best MBA Entrance Coaching Institute. It is completely dependent on the faculty. Prior to joining the class of all coaching, please consult the student first, that participate in the specific institutions that already. You can also try the CD of Bank of MBA entrance preparation questions are provided on the net. To prepare for MBA CD of these tests are useful to practice the test.


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