Is an MBA Worth It?

Crisis in full swing the current financial, and even in the absence or shortage of supply, many of the job of Wall Street pay-conventional high, a student of MBA of many future and asking a simple question, it is MBA Do you still have to get the value? Is more complicated than is being displayed, such as answer many of life, this article will introduce some clarity and guidance hopefully.

Year students are competing with each other in order to get accepted to one of the top MBA programs of legitimate reasons for the country without mercy. Graduate from a school in 20 or top 10 Wharton, Harvard, Columbia, and Northwestern Such work favorable is virtually guaranteed for the Wall Street jobs pay high investment banking, sales & trading, and research was the offer. Position is charming, but often there was a six figure salary to start, not only the potential for making many times to come to the end of the year in bonuses, after all, these were required.

The collapse of Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns, things have been changed considerably in the effective nationalization of the remaining investment banks. Are full of labor clinging to their work thousands of layoffs, leaving the remaining employees are qualified, in the endless stream of talented job seekers. In addition, cut the rest of the bank's compensation package, the federal government has seems to have put pressure on wages and bonuses to dominate further. In short, the era of easy money was over.

MBA graduates this year are many, out of school was unemployed at the time of graduation, make a million dreams were dashed within a few years. Thankfully, we all hope will be lost is not available. There is still a very good opportunity for those to get their MBA. For one thing, one of the trend relish traveling, have emerged in the exotic locale of Abu Dhabi Finance, Moscow, Zurich and graduates of top MBA schools in the U.S. like this is that foreign companies have been withdrawn that for them.

In the world, institutions of America and the top Ivy League school to select a higher education ... in particular has been praised as the best. International selling point is often overlooked opportunity for students here. Graduated from Harvard University, it will face stiff competition from much the same candidate, in a foreign country may be on the recruitment of fame simply for the fact, for the location of the only New York City for graduate degree at Yale University, Wharton, Princeton, Columbia, may be up to.

"Talent raid of this", to play it properly can be a great opportunity to reward students. Another trend can be obtained to get the value of the MBA, is the emergence of new startups and venture companies. Been fired from bank job last year, many of them to accumulate a nice stash of money, to create and launch the company is going out, that made the connection with venture capital and private investors.

What is the net worker was familiar with the tracks the graduates from the school, they are received with venture hook-up companies and cutting-edge and exciting, of Web 2.0 in the same way as they are starting to appear in the industry, such as wind energy and solar investment funds from the Obama administration can have a variety of technologies and environmental venture.


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