GMAT and MBA As Career Platform For Management Consulting and Investment Banking

Because they want to get the MBA, most MBA applicants take the GMAT.

People are the two most popular reasons to pursue an MBA is to gain access to the investment banking industry and management consulting, perhaps. The assumption in other industries are now, and you want to enter these industries you, please continue reading.

To break into these general time There are two basically. Industry is how the system it just works. Obviously there are exceptions, the majority of people in these industries will be recruited through the school:
An undergraduate program that is specified)
School program that is specified B 2)

Let's take a look at these two options

Recruitment of business school Option # 1:

Several advantages, the higher salary and general, has entered into a management consulting firm of more responsible to use this option. Different background (IT, engineering, retail, etc.) If you are coming from, you need to do the MBA route in order to access the recruitment of these channels.

It is, without the need for the root of the MBA, to get directly to the management consulting possible? Please confirm that. It is not common, such as mistake.

In business school, but also have access to the recruitment program management consulting, not only will have access to various channels of other carriers, including untied investment banking, corporate

However, please note! When you get a top MBA, entering the top investment banks and management consulting firm automatically = Please do not assume that. The goal of your career you will need to do your research to them now without a doubt, anything. Even if you decided to do a MBA, just sitting there, does not wait for the offers come to you.

If you want to get into real estate, please tell them to call the contact alumni of the school, you attended the Business School of the ABC, are trying to want to do some career advice. Set the phone call interview / information in order to obtain their point of view.

Remember, it is an excellent platform to be turned on MBA, to improve your personal branding, open the door for networking. However, if you jump off the platform, you will need to end up where you want to be! MBA, assuming there is a magic bullet, such as most people think should not be.

Recruitment of business school: Option # 1 action items:

Google's it, reaching out to the network - to learn about your industry now
(Or, You have been a relatively crowded) Now take your GMAT
Sometime over the next five years, entering the MBA program of good recruiters need to attract

To get through the recruitment of top faculty: Option # 2.

This is how I have to enter the management consulting industry with Booz & Company. Most top consulting company with a policy of "up or out", the consultant from the faculty, you'll be staying two or three years, then make a career decision: you will get the MBA, back either go do come as an assistant professor, I find something else. Since you are on track if it were a management consulting industry, to enter the field from the faculty, for example, you find yourself on the road fork to the MBA decide whether to get an MBA eventually.

Please consult your company to determine whether that is required for upward mobility MBA. Although it is not some management consulting and investment banks most, you will need it.

Is the depth determination of the self that requires thinking beyond the scope of this article mash to get the MBA. However, it is also in a career plan your potential within the next five years, if remote, it is for test scores is as valid for up to 5 years, to get the GMAT exam of your road is a good idea might be.

Up to 5 years.

It is a lot of time. You just say graduation. You have started your first job.

Now, take the GMAT if you, by the end of your two or three years in the current work, we have completed the first major step of MBA application process already.

Believe me, GMAT is the last one as you have problems kinds Extracurricular all in order to deal with the contemplation in MBA, social work, of life, we want to think at the end of three years you .

Recruit top faculty to get through: action item of option # 2.
We are developing a good story to get some relevant experience of internship, show interest in investment banking and management consulting.
To start the learning so that you can get the offer you, as much as possible. Please see the policy in the promotion of your company. Some companies need to move on the MBA, there is no other.
Your company if you need MBA for advancement, depending on the situation of your career, the MBA is applied sometime in the next five years, so as not to interfere with it, and take the GMAT your .

Now, you may depending on the situation of your career, become a # 2 Option # 1 or option.

Therefore, the common point of option # 1 and # 2 Do you have to do?
Relationship in terms of GMAT exams are several options for both.

In business school, GMAT, you will need on the most at school. Even if you enter the industry through undergraduate, and you may take the GMAT does not yet own.

Bottom line: you, whether currently in management consulting and investment banking business, may find themselves in such a situation you need to get where you want to become an MBA.
In this case, I will, so you can focus on other aspects of your future career, it is recommended that you get a GMAT of the road now and then.

Again, your GMAT and MBA, please make sure that you do not interfere in the career of the target. Are you so that you can use to get the MBA to help position for the opportunity (although there is no guarantee) yourself, you will learn as much as possible about the target industry.


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