What Does the Future Hold For MBAs?

On Wall Street and the nation bounce focused on the state of the economy from the front around still, business schools, financial giants will withdraw the session recruitment, as a backup, to students and graduates to turn off the employment prospects robust previously that holds the financial crisis at the forefront of communication. As a shift of the economy, the top B-school is accomplished by putting the network of alumni and career services to their high gear to help students and graduates of tomorrow today. Their actions, students and alumni are helping weather the rough economic waters current.

Dee Leopold, Director of Harvard Business School admission, the current economic situation, has posted an entry on her blog for the students question will affect the volume and period of enrollment in the future. Fear of some circles, so is that it may not find a lot of work to the class of 2011 is waiting for them at the time of graduation, school B-and many other Harvard University - and your student communication with the ramp-up of the department of career services has been increasing.

According to the blog of Sao Leopoldo, in the HBS Admissions Office, because of the question, has received a new array of the climate of uncertainty in financial markets. They are, (to a high volume of applications) Number of whether the will to disadvantage candidates HBS is unemployed, admitted that from the financial services, whether or not you try to increase the size of the class of next year It was.

Leopold wrote that "does not increase class size next year, will remain at approximately 900 students and". With respect to increasing the number of admits from financial services, the answer of Leopold was less accurate. She wrote that ", but not necessarily." "Our goal is. Is to create a class that represents a kind diversity of experience as a professional has become only one element, and various" However, the profile of the entire class, a part of the next year There is no strict quota to dominate the industry and geographic area to be able to shift.

Leopold, we went to in order to ensure the applicant itself prejudicial that they would not find the unemployed. "We recognize that it is rare these days, many of its powerful contribution, you can find yourself in this situation."

At school b-top of other, support network and career services, alumni, to remind them that it is available in the MBA community who may need them, the hand to the base of its graduates The stretched.

MIT Sloan Dean David Schmittlein, the e-mail address to the graduates this week you [W] hether that fledging ", is employed in one of two ways new ventures, in the heading or non-profit services, that there have these services He also. "is written for you, and encouraged the graduates to position supports the need to contact the school to provide the other graduates.

Encouragement Dean Tom Robertson of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and support the position of the employer to post job opportunities free of charge to school work, and to list a range of resources available to those who need other, that board issued a statement similar to the graduates.

University of Chicago Graduate School of Business after the announcement of the bankruptcy of Lehman was a member of the class of 2008 accepted the offer with the company, held a dinner in New York. Chicago 26 members of the class of 2008, accepted the offer of Lehman in cities around the world.

Dean of the MBA program full time in Chicago and flew to New York to have dinner with students two weeks ago. You have completed the training just a week before most of you have not yet started their rotation program. School, it was from there that they made a event to remind them.

Including the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania - School - the other to deal with concrete problems of the career of the graduates, employing a dedicated staff. Supervision of the affairs of the Alumni Association at Wharton recently, she has not lost a job, comment and have seen an increase in inquiries from graduates to age uncertainties of these, who are interested in expansion of the network have.

NYU Stern School of Business, after the collapse of the dot-com bubble, create a career service center specifically for graduates in 2003. Career Center, provides a service for part-time MBA and EMBA students also, has a staff of five full-time for working professionals.

Last month, the center of the stern, the number of graduates that wish to make an appointment for counseling has increased by 43%. Many of the requests came from people who have lost their jobs in the financial services industry. About 40 percent of full-time MBA students of Stern Please enter the investment banking industry.

UCLA Anderson School of Management has launched the "webinar" series of eight taught by career professionals, is designed to help graduates through the basics of how to do a search of a job.

Human effort and other top b-school is out of these, make a statement profound: the MBA degree, there is still a high demand. An increased emphasis to replace it, as has been lost "value" is the other. To predict a rosy picture for the future while warning, regardless of the economists, the prospect of the prospect of MBA admissions, please do not agree that it is still in the fall of 2009 remains bright. Senior Mortgage Bankers Association of America "measures taken to stabilize the financial markets, but does not have a direct impact on the economy, they will help you prepare for the economy to recover in the long term" and · Mr. ORAWIN Velz economist says. "Economic remember that it is cyclical - to move things down again.


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