MBA Salaries

The MBA graduates have a vital role in the competitive business world today. They are eagerly needed by businesses worldwide. Salaries and other bonuses influence these post graduates. The salary for all levels of MBA holders shows continuous increment each year. Studies show that the average salaries for MBA professionals have risen above 21% in the last seven years. The MBA salaries also increase with seniority levels within an organization. With an MBA degree, one can increase his salary up by as much as 50%.

Besides the base salary, the total compensation earned yearly include bonus of around $25,000 and other benefits, including tuition reimbursement, car allowances, and relocation that add about $15,000 on an average. The base salary and bonus may vary from one company to another. Some companies offer a higher base salary and fewer bonuses, while others offer a high year-end bonus.

Business companies look for MBA graduates to widen their business areas to get more profit. A professionally qualified MBA graduate can assist the company to meet the business targets. As the profit level of a company increases, there may be increases in the remuneration to its staff. This is the main factor that increases the average salary of a business professional. Also, some leading business companies offer competitive and exciting salaries and benefits to qualified and experienced MBAs solely to attract them. Year-after-year the salary scale goes up; each year showing a large difference with its preceding year.

A significant salary change can be seen in a person's salary if he or she completes an MBA program while working in an organization. But, there are a number of factors determining the salary offer like the area of specialization, prior earnings profile, pre-MBA work experience, geographic location and cost of living, and the academic record in the business school he or she attends. Compensation packages will also be offered. Consider a person working in a reputed business company earning a salary of $25,000 per year; the salary will increase up to $50,000 or $60,000 after his MBA graduation.


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