Consultancies return to MBA hiring

Top MBA these days is a prerequisite to reach the most senior level and also medium-term management in many of the major consulting firm. Leading strategy consulting firm, has been particularly redouble our efforts of recruiting: McKinsey has hired more than five hundred MBA graduate in 2005, this figure is set to rise in 2006. IBM consulting Booz Allen Hamilton, BCG, Bain in 2005 and in 2006 had hired an MBA graduate is expected to increase more than 100 all again. By comparison, large banks has been adopted as the number of years and get 200 MBA, technologies and industries related to the field numbers have significantly lower again.

According to the recruitment and salary survey 2005, the demand for MBA graduate of the consulting sector rose 35% during the 12 months just huge (five from June 2004), the trend looks set to continue it there. Dip of the economy and consulting market, many consultants means that you are using the time to study for MBA, currently on the market tends to be rising again, the consultants at the beginning of the year less than ten needs for +, expect that these MBA graduates with prior consulting experience.

Many MBA graduate, was hired from a non-consulting background more.

There is also a graduate of the increase in the number of MBA has been adopted from non-consulting background. Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge, for example, enter the consulting career post-MBA in 2005, 13 percent of them will report that you have previous experience in the field. Similarly, industries such as like this in business school INSEAD in France, from different backgrounds, the number of graduates are employed in consulting has risen from 36% to 47% (4 from 2003) a year. What is behind the change? Consultants, students of the MBA and work as a history of the rise in average age, we recognize the richness and diversity of expertise that can bring the candidate experience, particularly from non-consulting background. The need for consultants with the skills and knowledge can be an expert, these attributes often to get outside professional consulting is growing.

Strong UK market has attracted many MBA from somewhere other than in Europe.

Demand for MBA graduates in the UK is particularly strong. Sound economic and policy to attract skilled immigrants, check the most popular destinations for MBA graduates in Europe. We believe that the UK overall in 2005 drew 23% of the students of INSEAD, and will try to continue in Western Europe, it was 37% huge (8% 18%, the next most is the French and German drew destination) popular.

In consulting, you will leave a very lucrative option for graduates of MBA.

According to the 2005 annual report from the London Business School, profit for the work of consulting is £ 65000, in both financial and industry average, than those in the previous year with bonuses. This is compared to the average value for those who have discovered them for employment and industry in the financial sector of the £ 55000 £ 58000. In addition, employees received a sign-on bonus in the area of ​​the average annual bonus £ 25,000, of £ 10500. In addition, the company by providing a range of benefits on the same day, payment of all expenses from the car company and you are trying to lure bright graduates.

Lifestlye and choice, there is a strong incentive than salary.

Reason to be interesting, however, the majority of the graduates of the MBA Consulting for making a selection of their preferred carrier has been granted is not a high salary. According to the student, the real motive for making the move to consulting, career and lifestyle options that it can bring - The opportunity to find a role for a variety of exciting and an opportunity to progress in different directions.


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